Fly rescue missions on an alien world. Customize your lander to bring astronauts home safely.

Controls: -

  • WASD: rotate the lander and fire the main engine 
  • Shift + WASD: use precise maneuvering jets 
  • Left mouse click: fire weapons 
  • Right mouse click: use tractor beam Space: skip dialogue 
  • Tab: toggle control scheme

Alternate controls: 

  • Left mouse Click: fire weapons 
  • Left mouse Click and drag: rotate the lander and fire the main engine 
  • left mouse Click and hold: use tractor beam

You can use your tractor beam to drain energy and fuel from some objects, and use it to replenish your own fuel and life. Try grabbing the barrels scattered around the level if you get low on fuel.

We're planning to expand the demo to three levels, so we really want to know what people think of it without us hovering over their shoulder. If you get a chance to try it out, let us know what you think in this thread:

Development log

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